Take Back The Pen

writing pen 1One of the best definitions of leadership is by Howard Gardner and states that, “Leadership is the ability to write a story that affects the thoughts, feelings and actions of others”. This was taught to us by our friend Trevor Waldock. The idea is that good leaders find undesirable stories being written in the lives of people and communities, and they start to craft a different and more desirable story to replace the bad one. Leaders have written stories of freedom from slavery, equality from apartheid, prosperity from poverty, prevention from diseases, education from illiteracy, cleanliness from filth and many others.

The story of your life is being written everyday, whether you choose to participate or not. Writers are called authors, and the word authority comes from the same root. Christians believe that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. As author, He has the final authority concerning all things that pertain to our faith. Likewise, whoever is authoring your story; whoever has your pen, is the authority in your life.

As human beings, God has given us free will, and a part of that free will is to write our life stories, to have a certain degree of authority concerning us. Unfortunately, most people have since handed over their pens to other people, and all they do is complain. As long as you can find someone else to blame for your situation, you are letting them write your story. We blame the government, our parents, our friends, our bosses, our local authorities, our pastors, our exes, the weather, the land, the economy, the traffic, the power company, the house-help; just about everybody else except ourselves. Until you own it, you are not ready to change it, to write a new story.

So, who is it that you think is responsible for where you are now? Who have you given your pen to? I want to strongly suggest that you take back your pen and start writing a new and desirable story for you, your children, community and nation. Write a new story in politics by standing for office, at whatever level. Write a new story in church leadership by starting a church that models Christ’s love and character. Write a new story in business by setting up systems that will propel it to spread across the continent. Write a new story in your family by remaining married to the same person for life. Write a new story in your office by exemplifying servant leadership. Write a new story on our streets by staying in your lane and stopping when the light is red. Write a new story in your extended family by paying school fees for those nieces and nephews who are at risk of missing out. WRITE. A. NEW. STORY.

Kale. Take back the pen. Let’s go.

Keep going. Keep growing. Keep leading.


13 thoughts on “Take Back The Pen

  1. This is my most favorite so far. Until we take back our pens, we’ll forever look at ourselves as victims of our past, experiences, other people’s actions, the government, the maths teacher etc, and, you can never be both a victim and a victor, You can only be one or the other.

    Thank you Mosze. Here’s to writing new stories.

  2. Wowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    Awe-inspiring thoughts, Man of God

    Truly inspirational in every sense of the word.
    So glad I read this……
    I’m strongly holding onto my pen. No excuses whatsoever ..

    Thx again 4 sharing

  3. The Epistles MC has found an undesirable story of marginalized foreigners in our community in Kira. Now we have started to craft a different and more desirable story of love and acceptance for them to replace this bad story. Thanks Mosze for your visionary leadership!!!

  4. Indeed, I am writing my own story everyday. No more blaming anyone or anything.
    Thanks for that reminder Mosze

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