I Choose Submission 

When the whole world is screaming, “DO YOUR THANG! CAN’T NOBODY STOP YOU! BE YOUR OWN MAN/WOMAN!” in comes God with His wisdom in Ephesians 5:21, “SUBMITTING TO ONE ANOTHER, IN THE FEAR OF GOD”! People overwhelmingly underestimate submission. People don’t know that being under authority is what helps you walk confidently in authority (remember the Centurion?). Of course, doing your own thing won’t kill you as long as you aren’t successful. But most of the people who were successfully derailed by success – from Megachurch Pastors, to Medal Winning Sportsmen, to Chart Topping Music Superstarts to Award Winning Movie Celebrities, to Long Lasting Politicians, Business Moguls, among others – for whom the blessing became a curse, had primarily one problem; absence of submission. It is lacking that objective person or people who genuinely love you, want nothing from you and are not beneficiaries of your success or competitors in your field, who can say; “you’re losing the plot” and you know in that moment they are right for they gain or lose nothing by telling you. Remember Prov 11:14, “in the multitude of counselors, there is safety”. #IChooseSubmission


5 thoughts on “I Choose Submission 

    • Walking away is necessary sometimes. I’d rather walk away than stay in an environment where I’m not submitted and grumbling at the same time. It also matter who we submit to. It’s not helpful submitting to an autocrat!

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