Kairos Moments


I remember the day like it was yesterday. Seated at home in the village that one evening and listening to the radio, I heard my name on the evening news. I was announced as the fourth best student in the sciences category in the national advanced level exams. Usually, a wave of disbelief first hits you when you hear such news. I wanted to hear it again, but this was radio, I couldn’t rewind! There was no social media or access to internet back then. Not even mobile phones! I had to endure a sleepless night until the next morning, when I took a taxi to the nearest town to buy a newspaper and confirm if I’d heard right. Indeed there it was, my name in the papers. That page of that newspaper has been in my wallet since then, to remind me of God’s goodness and where He got me from: in the village, in the wilderness.

You see, I had struggled in my A Level. In our mock exams, which are like the trials for the national exam, I had performed poorly, especially in the subjects that affected my choice of course for university. I had an O in Math! To compound it all, my mum (the only parent I had left since my dad had been killed when I was eight) passed away two weeks to the final exams. I now had neither the academic prowess to succeed, nor the peace of mind and steadiness of heart. I turned to God. I remember on the last day of exams, my sister had come for me and I rushed to the chapel prayer room to retrieve my jacket. As I ran out, the Holy Spirit told me to go back inside and give thanks; which is what I did. I had no idea about the significance of that moment at the time.

We see that in the Bible, David who later became king of Israel experienced some Kairos moments, and there is much to learn from this particular one:

Therefore Saul sent messengers to Jesse, and said, “Send me your son David, who is with the sheep.” And Jesse took a donkey loaded with bread, a skin of wine, and a young goat, and sent them by his son David to Saul. (1 Sam 16:19-20)

It’s interesting that all this was happening in the background without David’s knowledge. After being anointed to become king, he still went back to keeping sheep. It’s important that we understand that when God gives you a word or says something to you, it may not be that He wants you to quit what you are doing immediately and move on. Whatever vision God has placed in your heart, it most times involves waiting in your current job, your current location or whatever you’re doing for some time and trust that God is orchestrating your next move behind the scenes. Imagine if after being anointed by Samuel, David had immediately walked to the palace to ask Saul to resign!

shepherd-sheep-12So one day, he’s out there tending sheep and he hears someone whistling in the distance. They are searching for him on the backside of that hill. He recognizes the sound, for it is coded language when one is being searched for. “What’s the urgency?” He wonders. The last time someone came looking for him in the middle of the day, something significant happened. The prophet had visited and anointed him king. Was something significant about to happen again?

In your lifetime, you’ve probably had a few turning points: momentous epochs that altered the course of your life forever. We call these Kairos moments; where events seem to freeze in time. They could be positive or negative; your wedding day, the day he proposed, the birth of your first child, a call from the president, the loss of a loved one, a life altering accident, a really bad report from the doctor, or receiving those divorce papers. All these are life altering moments that we can never forget. David was experiencing one.

“You are going to the palace!” the search party broke the news.

This was a Kairos moment for David. The king needed his services and just like that, he went from the wilderness to the palace, though not in the capacity the prophet had declared, yet. Eventually he became king, but this was the opportunity for him to receive training at close range, about life in the palace and the decorum of loyalty.

clockI don’t know what promises, hopes, prophecies or dreams you are carrying. I don’t know what you are currently experiencing and how far your current experience is from the dream in your heart. For some, it’s so close, you can smell it. For others, it’s so far off, it even hurts to hold that hope or think about it. Whatever your situation, DO NOT GIVE UP! God is working behind the scenes and one day, just like me listening to that radio, or King David on the back end of that hill, the news will break and it will be your time; Your Kairos moment!

Remember, God is working, even when you don’t see it. Wait for it!



9 thoughts on “Kairos Moments

  1. Thanks Mosze. Thanks for the reminder, especially the thought that God is working in the background despite when my current view around suggests otherwise.

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