What’s in a Name?

martin-luther-king-ftrWhen we hear Ronaldo, we think football. When we hear Lewis Hamilton, we think Formula One racing. When we hear Tiger Woods, we think golf. When we hear Bill Gates, we think computers. When we hear Denzel Washington, we think movies. When we hear John Maxwell, we think leadership. When we hear TD Jakes, we think preaching. When we hear Patrick Bitature, we think business. When we hear Jose Chameleon, we think music (for the most part)! When we hear Madhvani, we think industry. When we hear Amos Wekesa, we think tourism. When we hear James Ogoola, we think justice and the law. When we hear Gary Skinner, we think church leadership.

What should we think when we hear your name?

Over time, as you live and lead in whichever industry you have been blessed to serve, your name will start to mean something. The thing is that we don’t have to leave that to chance. You and I can be INTENTIONAL starting today to leave a legacy; to forge the image that people will get when they hear our names. John Maxwell has said that, at the end of your life, people are going to summarize your life in one sentence. Choose it now.

Steve JobsAgain I ask, what should we think when we hear your name? What images come to our minds? What emotions are evoked inside us, at the mention of your name?

Recently, a leading figure in the education sector passed on. Ideally, we should have been celebrating his contribution to education, as a person who started several schools and a university. However, after his death, it emerged that he had several children with several women, and there are accusations that some of them were students in his schools! His name should have been synonymous with education, but the revelations about his relational life and the scandals thereof have tarnished his otherwise great legacy. Now, whenever his name appears in the papers, in tabloids and on social media, it’s about relational brokenness, and not education.

What’s in a name? A WHOLE LOT!!!


14 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Indeed! each day counts for this.
    I like what Warren Buffett said in his book ‘Warren Buffett by Warren Buffett’: “We can afford to lose money- even a lot of money. But we can’t afford to lose reputation-even a shred of reputation”.

  2. When we hear Kiprotich, we think of… It doesn’t need centuries and to do much to define your name start now and make it the best.

  3. In most cases people become what they study i.e Accountants, doctors, Lawyers etc. As long as some one does something his/her life, they become exactly that

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  5. New International Version
    A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Proverbs 22:1.

    Well put.

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