The Value of Continuous Learning

In mid March of this year, I travelled to Orlando to attend the John Maxwell Team’s International Maxwell Certification event. This means that I’m now a certified JMT Speaker, Trainer and Coach. While there, I had to present a five minute speech on a topic of my choice. I chose to address the value of continuous learning, which catalyzes growth and multiplies opportunities. I thought I’d share that here for all our encouragement.

Here goes…

Good morning friends

My name is Moses Mukisa from Uganda, and I’m the last of six children.

On the morning of December 12th 1984, my dad was shot dead. That event changed everything about our family and could potentially have destroyed us. Mum was a primary school teacher in a rural government school. In our country, that is one of the lowest rungs of government employment. This meant that she was not going to be able to take care of us. We were going to need miracles to succeed in life.

Both my parents had a teaching background, meaning that education was very highly rated in our family. I can say that apart from the gift of faith, education was the greatest gift they gave us. Even with the setback of losing our father, our mother did everything within her power, including soliciting a lot of help from our relatives and friends to take all of us to school.

When I was ten, I was sent to boarding school in grade four. I had to give up the comforts and familiarity of my village home to go to learn. I went on to high school and through a series of miracles, became the 4th best student in our country in the national university entry exams.

I went on to university and studied architecture for five years. Not only did I graduate as an architect, which ensured that I started work immediately after leaving university, I also got a vision for serving others in ministry while there. We came together with friends from the university and started a worship group which evolved into a church plant eleven years ago.

To date, Worship Harvest is a multisite church of more than 2500 people who gather for worship in eight locations.

Where would I be if my mother had not made a concerted effort to take me to school? Probably still in that village living a purposeless life, or possibly dead.

Studying and learning has made ALL the difference in my life.

It was learning that took me out of my little village to go study in the different boarding schools I went to.

It was learning that took me to the university in the big city and opened up working opportunities there.

It was while I was there learning, that I met the incredible people who believed in the vision of transforming our communities and we together started Worship Harvest.

Having started off as an architect, I had to learn how to lead a ministry team and eventually a church and now many churches.

It was my desire to excel at what I’m doing that I started learning about leadership. Through this pursuit of knowledge, I was introduced to the John Maxwell Team by my good friend Julius Lukwago, himself a JMT member, and that journey has led me to this table of learning.

Tragically though, most people stop learning when they get some sort of qualification; a degree, a diploma, a certificate name it. Some even stop learning when they get a position. I call it arrivism! This happened to me as well. I was an architect who knew very little about the rest of life; finances, marriage, leadership, name it.

The breakthrough that led to this awareness came though finances. I realized how little I knew about finances when I listened to a billionaire speaking at our church camp on the subject.

This unpleasant discovery got me on the quest for learning and growing. I learnt so much about finances, I even wrote my own book; The Wealth Files. I started learning and growing in other areas as well. Mike Breen has written a great book; The Five Capitals. He explains that there is spiritual, relational, physical, intellectual and financial capitals, and that we should be growing in all of them.

I travelled 9000 miles through three airports, with a goal to share with you a simple truth…

I am learning that growth stops when I stop learning, and that continuous learning will always lead to greater opportunities and a bigger and better life.

Thank you very much.

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18 thoughts on “The Value of Continuous Learning

  1. While I read, i felt myself in that auditorium; I was set on a emotional journey down to your village, to experience the huge difference this learning has created – a giant not only in that small village, but also in our nation, a force to reckon with!

    It is a great peace!

  2. First all of big congs upon the certification as a JMT coach .

    Like you I knew very little about life though in my head I knew ,I knew it all .I encountered John.C.Maxwell’s book,15 invaluable laws of growth and I was seriously schooled and challenged to yearn for more and above all keep learning.

    The article was beautiful and real too.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It is so well written and must have been captivating and stirring for the listeners.
    I am always inspired by your back story. Your life is a great illustration of continuous learning and its value.
    Thank you!
    Oh, and the photo looks great 🙂

    My thinking has been that I don’t need to continue school at my age BUT after joining Harvest Institute, I realized that I don’t know anything and In order for me to grow and be a blessing, I must continue to learn and grow in all areas of life. Thank you Mozse for being a Great Blessing. Blessed to have you in my life.

  5. Your learning and growth is a learning and growth experience for many including me. Thank you for sharing this inspirational piece. And congs on the JMT certification.

  6. ‘I am learning that growth stops when I stop learning, and that continuous learning will always lead to greater opportunities and a bigger and better life.’

    That statement sums it up for me, also your book ‘Called to greatness’ awakened something in my life ….. on the journey of intentional growth. An encouraging piece indeed.

  7. This made me smile. Thank you. I hope to write my own book(s) one day. Learning one day at a time. God Bless U so very much.

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