Misplaced Priorities?

No one expects free clothing, food or lotion; but everyone wants free information, free books, audios, conferences, experiences, education, mentoring, etc. In other words, we value our bodies more than our minds!

A friend, quoting another source once quipped that “where the food is free, the eaters are usually not”! Now, being a preacher of and one who has embraced the grace of God, this may sound contrary, because salvation as we know is a FREE GIFT. But you know that the gift is given so we can make something of it, and this involves investing lots of resources to make the best of what is given.

Let’s imagine I gave you 100 acres of land as a gift. Depending on your state of mind and understanding of inheritance, you may choose to sell it, let it just be, or make great use of it. Once you decide that you’re going to use it, even though it was a gift, it will cost you lots of money before you start seeing a return on your investment.

You are your best asset. Are you selling yourself, letting yourself be or investing in yourself? The Bible says that you shall reap what you sow. That’s a principle of life. If you are not being deliberate right now about investing in your personal growth, you shouldn’t expect a return. It’s important that we start putting our money where our values are.

We’ve spent enough on our bodies. Now let’s mind the mind!


8 thoughts on “Misplaced Priorities?

  1. Woah!!! Thank you Mo for this hard truth. It’s awakening, it’s disturbing, it’s pivotal. I choose to be more intentional & deliberate about MINDING my MIND.

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