Intentional Growth

Towards the end of 2016, a good friend, Julius Lukwago introduced me to, and helped me join the John Maxwell Team; a global organization of coaches and trainers who are helping raise the level of leadership everywhere. Making the decision to join the JMT is one of the best leadership decisions I’ve ever made. It ranks way up there with others like starting Worship Harvest.

Of course, you quickly find out that you can’t give what you don’t have. It was soon revealed to me that much of my growth in leadership had been accidental; born of necessity and not necessarily intentional. Of course, I could see that this same accidental, forest-like kind of growth is what i was passing onto those that I lead. This is how it has worked so far; I kind of intuitively figure out your leadership capacity, identify a task, and throw you in the deep end. If you float, praise God we’ve found a leader. If you sink, well… I can see in my mind’s eye the victims of this method either chuckling or jeering depending on what the outcome was. To you all, I apologize.

The result of all this has been a growing organization without a clear pipeline to intentionally develop leaders. The results start to show, when you have more opportunities than the leaders needed to harness them. Then you start deploying people who haven’t got the training into the field to take charge. By God’s grace, many have swam and floated. In other cases, it’s been messy. The healing and cleaning up can sometimes take a long time.

It is with this background that we launched the Harvest Institute; an indigenous organization committed to Transforming our World, by raising Skilled, Strategic, Servant Leaders. It’s so far an exciting venture. After the first session, one of the students was glad she postponed finishing her second Masters Degree to attend the Institute. According to her, the value she is getting out of the Institute outweighs the Masters Degree!

I have the incredible opportunity of being both a student and an instructor (of some of the classes) at the institute. The resurrection of this blog is because as a student, I’m required to blog at least twice a month. This is to help grow some of the critical areas of Leadership in John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership; the Law of Influence, which states that leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less; the Law of Process, which states that leadership develops daily, not in a day and the Law of Addition, which states that leaders add value by serving others. Everyone of us students is going to write and publish a book! That’s in addition to reading two books a month, meeting incredible leaders and other practices that are helping intentionally build our leadership muscles.

I can’t wait to meet the new me in a years’ time. I’ll have blogged at least 24 times, read at least 24 books, written and published my sixth book, attended the Fearless Summit in Nairobi, attended the Global Leadership Summit in Kampala, started a new business, specified my Purpose, Strategy & Values, developed a personal growth plan, built my leadership inner circle, among many other accomplishments.

Thank you Lord, for Harvest Institute.


17 thoughts on “Intentional Growth

  1. Thank you for sharing of this wisdom. should write often …….you are raising many more influencers and bouy am i glad for the harvest institute . Best thing that has happened to Uganda in a long time.

  2. “This is how it has worked so far; I kind of intuitively figure out your leadership capacity, identify a task, and throw you in the deep end. If you float, praise God we’ve found a leader. If you sink, well”

    I can see my self in that statement 😃. You have cast people far, deep and wide and I am most grateful for this casting. And grateful for Harvest Institute.

    You are surely raising giant killers. Onward Mosze! Onward!

  3. Onward and forward!

    A commitment to a life of learning produces growth! It is a beautiful thing to witness in a leader of leaders.


  4. Okay how do they respond to such wisdom🤔. Am so on for for Harvest institute season 2. “Change is when you choose to change” . Intentional growth 101. Thanks Moses.

  5. That challenge to blog as a student really pushed me but,I am glad to say,I did not give up thanks to the material we are learning… I now just need to desist from my own casting of fellows into the deep and going that they swim

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